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Amibroker Code

Amibroker explorations are the most useful feature of the Amibroker platform because you can scan a large database of more than 5000 stocks in less than a minute.
Each system includes the afl code suitable for explorations and backtesting and the manual. You can see also the signals visually by dropping the system on a chart.
You can see how these systems performed by selecting the appropriate system from the menu at the left under the System Performance. The performance of the Intermarket Systems is depicted in the Intermarket Systems section of the menu. You can order each system system separately or as a bundle at a significant discount. All systems were designed for daily charts.

Double Bottom (Long)$95
Head & Shoulders Bottom (Long)$95
Head & Shoulders (Short)$95
Flags and Penants$95
Rectangles -Long$95
Cup with Handle$95
Chart Formation Bundle -This includes all the above (Total 7 systems)$490
Volatility systems : Break from Base $95
Volatility systems : Break from Consolidation (BFC ) $95
Relative Strength (RS) : Includes RS for Stocks, RS for ETF , Buy the Dips (BTD) and 2 Trend systems$290
Money Flow Divergence (MFD) (3 systems)$290
Volume Surge$95
VPN System$95
Oversold , Oversold in Uptrend, OS Weekly & OS for ETF (5 systems)$290
Short Systems (7 systems)$450
Sperandeo 1-2-3 & 2B : Includes 2 Long and 2 Short Systems$220
All the systems above (33 systems)$1980
Intermarket Package (25 systems & 19 Indicators)$190
BITCOIN System$390


Is the code password protected? Can I modify it?2020-02-27T09:27:11+02:00

No, it is not password protected.

Can I use the RS exploration with Australian stocks?2020-02-27T09:07:56+02:00

Yes the system works for International stocks as well. You you will only have to change the comparison Index (S&P 500) to your country’s appropriate Index.  This is done very easily from the Parameters tab.

Anybody can produce good historical performance if the system is optimized enough. How do we know that it will perform just as well in the future?2020-02-27T09:08:12+02:00

The fact that the systems performed so well on a portfolio of  3000 stocks (Russell 3000 components) for 10 years suggests that the system is robust enough to perform well in the future. Of course long systems won’t perform so well in a bear market and the reverse for Short Systems. Fell free to request performance results for a different stock list or dates.

Why does the Rectangle exploration takes too long to run?2020-02-27T09:08:40+02:00

This particular exploration takes a longer time (approx. 90 seconds to explore 2000 stocks) because I used a double loop to detect rectangles formations . Most of the other explorations take less than 10 seconds. It would also help if you upgrade to the Amibroker 24 bit version

I didn’t get any hits from the Cup & Handle exploration. I am doing something wrong?2019-12-10T15:07:39+02:00

This particular system  does not normally produce as many trades as my other systems. Of course this depends on market conditions as well. You should therefore run the explorations on as many stocks as possible.

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