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Explorations are the most useful feature of the Metastock platform as you can scan a large database of stocks in less than a minute. Another advantage of using explorations, not available in other similar software, is that you can run multiple explorations at once and select the day’s best trades in less than 10 minutes.

All systems, except the pattern recognition (first 7 systems in the list below) include an exploration, a system test , an expert, the user’s manual and appropriate custom indicators.

This is because of the limitations of the metastock formula language and in order to develop the pattern recognition code, I used certain metastock functions (like the lastvalue) which can’t be used for back testing . The system code can therefore be used only with explorations and not in the system tester as it will produce results that are not attainable in real trading.

In order to back test them I had therefore to translate the metastock code in the afl language and test the chart formation systems using Amibroker.
A detailed description and performance of each system is available by selecting the system on the menu bar at the left.
The systems are compatible with all versions of metastock.

You can purchase each system separately or as a bundle at a significant discount by selecting it from the list below.

Head and Shoulders Top (Short) $95
Head and Shoulders Bottom (Long)$95
Double Bottom (Long)$95
DoubleTop (Short)$95
Flags and Penants$95
Rectangles -Only Long$95
Cup with Handle$95
Chart Formation Bundle - This includes all the above (Total 7 systems)$460
Relative Strength (RS) - Includes RS for Stocks, RS for ETF & Buy the Dips (BTD) $120
Money Flow Divergence (MFD)$190
Trend Systems -Includes 2 Trend systems (Trend w MF and Trend)$190
Volume Surge$95
VPN System$95
Volatility Systems - Break from Base (BFB)$95
Volatility Systems – Break from Consolidation (BFC)$95
OS Daily, OS Weekly, Oversold in Uptrend ,O/S for ETF and Overbought in downtrend (5 systems)$190
Sperandeo 1-2-3 & 2B - Includes 2 Long and 2 Short Systems$190
Short Systems - Includes 6 Systems$290
All systems above includes 31 Systems$1390
Intermarket Package for Metastock 11 (Local Data)$190
Intermarket package for Metastock 16 (Online)$190
Bitcoin Futures System$350


Is the code password protected? Can I modify it?2019-12-24T09:30:55+02:00

No, it is not password protected.

Why don’t I get any hits?2019-12-24T09:30:23+02:00

Check out the errors at the rejects column. If you see “Results of filter formula not defined on calculation date” you will need to load more records. You can find the required amount of data for each system in the manual. Of course this depends on market conditions as well. The Short systems will produce very few trades in a bull market and the bullish system fewer trades in a bear market.

You should therefore run the explorations on as many stocks as possible. If you are an active trader or if your stock list contains less than 500 stocks you should try the BFB,RS or BFC systems which usually produce > 20 trades per day in a bull market.

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